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Digital transformation of your business

Full cycle of marketing and development to attract customers and boost sales

By collaborating with us, you will get

Boost in sales
Increase in audience
Increase in brand loyalty
Better reputation
Development of new products
Digitalization of business processes

Nakamoto MarkDev OU helps its global clients take their business to a new level. We offer a full cycle of marketing services for cryptocurrency companies and beyond, with an emphasis on the specific features of the customer's line of business.

In addition, our developers will help you digitalize your business by creating mobile apps, smart contracts and implementing blockchain technologies. Our experts will open up new horizons for your business.


Promotion in messengers

Promotion of your business in Telegram, Discord, WhatsApp, Viber. From the selection of target channels and chats to user mailing lists and integrations.

Blockchain development

Creation of smart contracts of any complexity, development of new coins and tokens, introduction of blockchain technologies into conventional businesses.

Application development

Development of mobile apps of any complexity. From crypto wallet and Move2Earn games to pizza ordering apps.

Email marketing

Email marketing that will make the user not just click on the letter, but read it from beginning to end and follow your link.

Analysis and creation of a marketing strategy

Analysis of existing marketing activities, proposals for modernization and creation of a new, more effective strategy from scratch.

PUSH advertising

Simple, inexpensive and effective way of advertising aimed at a wider audience.

Working with the community

Boosting the loyalty of your community, improving brand reputation and arranging interesting activities to engage users.

Guerrilla marketing

Promotion of your company in competing resources in non-trivial and unconventional ways.

Contextual advertising

Effective advertising for your company at a good price, focused on your target audience.


Social media management, attracting new and engaging existing audience.

Website development

Development of websites of any complexity: from design to integration with any APIs and creation of complex internal processes.


Wide range of design services: from website design to drawing avatars, headers for social media or NFT collections.


Full marketing cycle

Full range of services required for your business. From creating a marketing strategy to developing a unique product and attracting a paying audience. Individual approach and selection of the most effective tools, taking into account all the peculiarities of your business.


Cryptocurrency projects

We know the inside of this business and will help your project achieve success even in unstable market conditions.

Nakamoto MarkDev OU's key specialization is cryptocurrency projects. Unlike many other marketing agencies, our team has over 5 years of experience working with projects in the cryptocurrency sector.


Start improving your business today!

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